Testing & Inspection


MP Textiles usually carries out a variety of test to the apparel we make in order to fulfil the quality demanded by the clients. Testing becomes an integral part in deciding the value of the product. Over the years all our textile testing is done with the help of testing firms which has been recognised by various clients around the world. Some of the common tests which are done to ensure the fabric quality are been listed below,

Basic test on apparel and yarn:

  • Fabric weight
  • Seam Slippage
  • Seam Strength
  • Skewness in Fabric
  • Tearing Strength
  • Tensile Strength
  • Thread Count
  • Water Repellence
  • Yarn size

Colour fastness tests:

  • Appearance Evaluation after Home laundering and dry-cleaning
  • Colourfastness to accelerated Laundering
  • Colourfastness to Crocking
  • Colourfastness to Dry-Cleaning
  • Colourfastness to Home Laundering
  • Colourfastness to Light
  • Colourfastness to Non-Chlorine Bleach
  • Colourfastness to Perspiration
  • Colourfastness to Pool Water
  • Colourfastness to Sea Water

Material content:

  • Fibre content
  • Lead Content

Dimensional stability:

  • Dimensional stability to dry-clean
  • Dimensional stability to Home Laundering

Flammability & hazards:

  • Flammability
  • Formaldehyde
  • PH Value
  • Mechanical Hazard/Sharp edges
  • Mechanical Hard/Sharp Points
  • Mechanical Hazard/Small parts


MP textiles have incorporated a special team for apparel inspection to ensure that the finest quality of products has been delivered to our clients. Our inspection team has been handpicked and well trained to deliver products that meet the client’s requirement. The following are the types of Inspections which are followed as per standard procedure,

Pre-Production Inspection:

This is done before production starts. It is done to crosscheck for the final verification of Bulk fabric and trims materials, styling cutting way, manufacturing details and workmanship of the garment or pre-production sample as per the customer requirement.

1st inline production inspection:

This inspection is done at the start of production when first production output of particular style of garments is inspected; to distinguish possible discrepancies or variation that are necessary corrections to be made in bulk production. This type of inspection is done at a preliminary stage of manufacturing of a style covering mainly style detail, general appearance, workmanship, measurements, fabric quality, Trims and components, Lot colour, printing, embellishments and washing quality.

2nd line Production Inspection:

This inspection is done during production to ensure initial discrepancies have been corrected and rectified. This inspection is a follow-up of the 1st inline production inspection and is generally carried out after 1st line inspection when discrepancies have been detected at that time.

Final Random Inspection:

This inspection is carried out when the production of the total quantity of an order or partial delivery is completed. A sample lot will be selected from the order and a percentage of the garments will be inspected, this percentage usually being stipulated by the buyer.